Volume XXII, Nos. 1&2, 2009 


The Dangers of Oligarchy

Shackling the Imagination:
Education for Virtue
in Plato and Rousseau
,  40
Patricia M. Lines

Altruism and the Art of Writing:
Plato, Cicero, and Leo Strauss
,  69
William H. F. Altman

Being ‘Other Cheeky’: Moral Hazard
and the Thought of Stanley Hauerwas
,  99
Jeffrey Polet

Progressive Change in
Emerson’s ‘The Conservative,’
Daniel M. Savage

To Dreamworld and Back:
A Movie Out of the Ordinary
,  143
Claes G. Ryn

Lovers,   151
A Poem by John Rees Moore

William Dean Howells’s
America and What Went Wrong
,  152
Mark G. Malvasi

Butterfield as Historian:
Objectivity Over Partisanship
,  162
John M. Vella

Freedom and the Family:
The Family Crisis and the
Future of Western Civilization
,  168
Stephen Baskerville

Quantification and Intelligence
Testing: A Reassessment
,  185
Richard J. Bishirjian

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