Volume XXI, Nos. 1&2, 2008 


Debacle: The Conservative
Movement in Chapter Eleven
,  5
Claes G. Ryn

Poetry and the Mystique of
the Self in John Stuart Mill:
Sources of Libertarian Socialism
,  9
William D. Gairdner

A Covenant with all Mankind:
Ronald Reagan's Idyllic
Vision of America in the World
,  34
Justin Garrison

More than ‘Irritable Mental Gestures’:
Russell Kirk's Challenge
to Liberalism, 1950-1960
,  64
Bradley J. Birzer

Deadly Nothingness:
A Meditation on Evil
,  87
Rouven J. Steeves

The Hidden Depths in Robert Frost,  111
Ernest Suarez

George A. Panichas
Conservator Extraordinaire
,  117
Jeffrey J. Folks

Tradition and Modernity in
Postcolonial African Philosophy
,  121
Jay A. Ciaffa

Did Somebody Evade Totalitarianism?
On the Intellectual Escapism of Slavoj Žižek
,   146
David Pickus

Geometries of Force in
Homer's Iliad: Two Readings
,  168
Ronald Osborn

Aesop, Aristotle, and Animals:
The Role of Fables in Human Life
,  179
Edward Clayton

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