Volume XX, Nos. 1&2, 2007 


Imperialism Destroys the
Constitutional Republic
,  5
Michael P. Federici

‘The Last and Brightest Empire of Time’:
Timothy Dwight and America as Voegelin's
‘Authoritative Present,’ 1771-1787
,  13
Richard M. Gamble

On Loving Thy Neighbor,  36
A poem by John Rees Moore

Burke's Historical Morality,  37
Ryan Holston

History for Life:
Simms and Nietzsche Compared
,  64
Colin D. Pearce

Lyric Poetry, the Novel, and Revolution:
Milan Kundera's Life is Elsewhere
,  86
James Seaton

Homer's Humor: Laughter in The Iliad,  96
Robert H. Bell

How the Right's Gone Wrong,  117
Gerald J. Russello

'The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor':
The Utopian as Sadist
,  125
Gorman Beauchamp

Goethe's Faust: Poetry and
Philosophy at the Crossroads
,  152
Gabriel R. Ricci

Political Theology and the
Theology of Politics: Carl Schmitt
and Medieval Political Though
t,  175
Phillip W. Gray

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