Volume XII, No. 1, 1999 


Antigone's Flaw, 4
Patricia M. Lines

Realism, Romanticism, and Politics in Mark Twain, 16
William F. Byrne

On Wu Mi's Conservatism, 42
Ong Chang Woei

Russell Kirk and the Prospects for Conservatism, 56
W. Wesley McDonald

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the
Romantic Roots of Modern Democracy
, 77
William Gairdner

Acedia, Tristitia, and Sloth: Early
Christian Forerunners to Chronic Ennui
, 89
Ian Irvine

The Metaphysics of Postmodernism, 104
James Seaton on Carl Rapp's Fleeing the Universal: The Critique of Post-Rational Criticism

Religion and the Constitution, 110
Joseph Baldacchino on Kenneth R. Craycraft, Jr.'s The American Myth of Religious Freedom

The Humanities and Substance, 120
Patricia Likos Ricci on Robert E. Proctor's Defining the Humanities: How Rediscovering a Tradition Can Improve Our Schools

Notes on Contributors, 128

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