National Humanities Institute

The NATIONAL HUMANITIES INSTITUTE seeks to revitalize the humanities, and with them ‘the culture,’ as the only way of effecting lasting beneficial change.

NHI promotes research, publishing, and teaching in the humanities, with emphasis on the ethical preconditions and purposes of culture and society, the centrality of personal freedom and creativity, and the historical nature of human existence. While NHI promotes a point of view that it regards as indispensable to addressing contemporary needs, it cultivates a spirit of openness and critical reflection, hoping that others will make independent, perhaps wholly unexpected use of its ideas in their own writing, teaching, and other work. 

NHI Programs include:

  • HUMANITAS Journal
  • EPISTULAE Occasional Papers
  • National Humanities Bulletins 1991-2002
  • HUMANITAS Newsletters 1987-1992
  • Irving Babbitt Project  
  • Research and Publication 
  • The Center for Constitutional Studies  
  • Internet Links for Humanities Research

  • Our Mission 

    A Desperate Man, the acclaimed novel by NHI Chairman Claes Ryn, now out in paperback

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    Updated 15 September 2022

    Issues that Matter . . .
    Art, Literature, and Life
    Character and Knowledge
    Economics and Morality
    The Moral Imagination
    Religion and Society
    Restraint among Nations
    Unity in Diversity
    Universality in History